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AFOB Newsletter Design Contest

one of our Life Member, Dr Azwan Jenol has won the 2nd second prize for the contest. Congrats to Dr Azwan Jenol for the prize! His creative design can be accessed through this website – https://www.afob.org/newsletter/202104/contest.html

The new AFOB website is now opened

We would like to infrom you that the new AFOB website is now opened.


We would like to appreciate your generosity in waiting for the new website to be opened. Hope we could see each other soon after the COVID-19 disappears.

Take care of yourself , and Thank you again.

Best regards,
AFOB (Asian Federation of Biotechnology) Secretariat

3rd Annual General Meeting Asian Federation of Biotechnology Malaysia Chapter (AFOB MC)

This is an announcement for our 3rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) that will be held on 8th December 2020, Tuesday (3.00 – 5.00 pm).

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, this year AGM will be held online where the nomination and voting of new AFOBMC 2021-2022 will be conducted online too.

ONLY AFOBMC active members are eligible to vote.

For AFOBMC – despite you have registered at afob.org website as AFOB member, you are still an inactive member.

To be AFOBMC active member and eligible to vote during AFOBMC AGM, you have to pay fees as below:

1)    Entrance fee = RM5 who register at afob.org website after year 2015. Entrance fee is waived for member who registered before year 2015.

2)    Membership fee is RM5/year starting from the registration year.

E.g. registered in 2018 at afob.org website; total fees = RM5 (entrance fee) + RM15 (membership fee 2018-2020) = RM20


Life membership fee is RM100.

Instructions for membership payment:

1)    Bank-in payment to Persekutuan Bioteknologi Asia Cawangan Malaysia (Asian Federation of Biotechnology Malaysia Chapter) Maybank account no: 512147529437

2)    Send your proof of payment with AFOB membership number to us at suraini.aziz@gmail.com

3)    Once the payment is received, you will receive

–      Life ember certificate (for Life membership) OR

–       Receipt of payment for the stated year of membership.

To check your AFOBMC status, please go to website: https://mohdfairus.com/afobmc/list-of-active-members/.

For any query regarding your membership status and payment, please email me at suraini.aziz@gmail.com

Thank you for your support