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Towards the fulfilment of its objectives, the Federation undertakes various activities, including the followings:
  1. Link for AFOB membership

    Fee for AFOB Malaysia Chapter (AFOB-MC) membership
    Entrance fee – RM5.00
    Annual fee – RM5.00
    Life membership – RM100.00

    Bank account
    Beneficiary name:Persekutuan Bioteknologi Asia Cawangan Malaysia (Asian Federation of Biotechnology Malaysia Chapter)
    Receiving Bank: Malayan Banking Berhad (MAYBANK)
    Beneficiary account number: 512147529437
    Once payment had been made, please attach the receipt as a prove together with the AFOB membership number and email it to

    Prof Dr Suraini Aziz suraini.aziz@gmail.com and cc to Assoc Prof Dr Phang Lai Yee phanglaiyee@upm.edu.my 

    Please register your AFOB membership at http://www.afob.org/join/sign_up.html

    More information:

    The fees collection of AFOB Malaysia Chapter has started since the year 2016. The annual fee is RM 5.00 per year. Therefore, for the AFOB MC members, the collected fees since 2016 is RM 15.00. The members are obliged to pay the fee through the information given. Life membership is RM 105.00 (with RM 5.00 for entrance fee).


  1. The Federation shall consist of Asian societies related to biotechnology. Individual Asian biotechnologists can also be a member of the Federation. By special arrangements, other societies with related interest from inside or outside the Asian area may also be able to join the Federation as a group member on terms to be negotiated with the executive committee of AFOB.
  2. Commercial companies and their employees may become members of the AFOB on payment of fees.
  3. Other organizations and individuals with an interest in biotechnology may become members of the AFOB on payment of dues.
Rights of Members
  1. Members are entitled to attend the General Assembly and have a right to vote on the cases introduced on the agenda. Group members can also attend the General Assembly at which each delegate has a single vote.
  2. All members will be regularly informed of the activities of the Federation.
  3. Withdrawal of membership from the Federation may take effect at the end of any calendar year, provided a notice communicating such withdrawal has been given by registered letter to the Federation’s Central Office at least 6 months in advance.
  4. The Federation does not control the activities of its members.
  5. The Executive Board may propose the dismissal of any member of the Federation, after having given such member the opportunity to answer before the General Assembly to the allegations made by the General Assembly against the member in question. Such decision to dismiss a member requires a two-thirds majority of the representatives present or a simple majority at two consecutive meetings of the General Assembly.
Duties of Members
  1. Members shall support and assist the objectives of the Federation.
  2. Members are obliged to keep the Federation’s Central Office updated about their current address/contact details.
  3. Members are obliged to pay their membership fees. Should a member fail to pay the membership fees after two reminders, he or she may be excluded from the Federation at the discretion of the Executive Board.
  4. Group members shall pay their annual fees on request of the Federation’s Central Office.